Wud It Do??? U know where u at.. U Block… find all the latest updates, blogs, music, videos, and other information about your favorite movement, here, on untamedgeneralz.com.

Welcome All and Thank You!!! We appreciate all of the support and dedicated loyalty as we rise to new heights.

Sunday May 15th, The Big Chill 2011 Car & Bike Show

As North Carolina continues to grows and bring headline artist to the forefront, The UnTamed Generalz continue to show why they have become the next big thing out of The Carolinaz. This event hosted by K97.5 and Foxy 104.3 featured acts YC “Racks on Racks” and Dolla Boy of Playaz Circle “Duffle Bag Boy.” Following these acts were The UnTamed Generalz who ripped the stage with a energetic, memorable and flyy performance.

UnTamed Generalz & DreamFlyy Ent Present The Big Chill 2011 Car & Bike Show Performance.


Follow untamedgeneralz on Twitter

Follow untamedgeneralz on Twitter

Welcome all to the UnTamed Generalz wordpress blog. Here you can get acquainted with all of your favorite music artist, producers, and directors.

New breaking news from DreamFly/UnTamed Generalz….Los Paris music video “Who You Are” directed by Eric St. Furcy is currently circulating and this that heat rock my

Check it out below, rate and comment.


Big up to DreamFly Ent. Grade A+ Music Group, NLB, Lavish Life Ent., and DiploMoney Gang.

Next we going into the

Off the Streets and Money Dvd AG, AY, and Legg go in on em.

Big up to Ganghood, AG “Tony Makk,” Baby j, nige and  the rest of the ganghood ent. family

As you all know this summer is going to be major and we getting our share of the action.

checkout some of  the finest from dreamfly ent. as they incorporate life,live rock, and hip-hop, creating dreamfly!!!


One thought on “UNTAMED GENERALZ

  1. Keep up the great networking and community awakening…..There’s a message to all in what you are doing. We love you and all that you are bringing to the community. You are keeping us aware that there is a “Message in Your Musik.” You are ahead of your time, on time and all of the time-One Love, One God, One Nation. Irie……Peace,Love,Prosperity.

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