NAME: AYAN “Lil Savage AKA Shotgun Savage AKA AY”

HOME: Columbus, OHIO

Astonishing wordplay, in depth subject capabilities, and a writers hand like an author, presents a match for any lyricist. Bred out of Columbus, OH10, Lil savage utilized his wit for dropping some of the sickest lines and verses heard throught the MidWest and East Coast.. AY has found alot of new supporters as he continues to assist in the Ganghood ent. championship run, led by AG, his older brother.

Check out music from the 2008 Art of War Mixtape!!!

Ayan presents unprecedented lyricism, matched with real life concepts, filling a void of true artistry that the industry has been missing!


Off the Streets and Money Dvd AG, AY, and Legg go in on this street anthem.

AY continues to inspire and led with his pen, putting together heart felt choruses as on “Excuse Yourself,” co-starring on this Summer of 2008 OH10 anthem alongside the hip-hop pioneer is Ganghood label mates Baby J and Young Nige.

Be on the look out for AYAN!!!

facebook.com: UnTamed Generalz


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