Razah S.

Razah S.

As a youth, the ruthless Razah S. was renowned as a lyricist as early as 13 when him and partner krucifix formed U.L.A This underground duo stormed the internet, local ciphers, and stores with mixtapes quarterly. Showing unmatched lyricism for their age on sites such as MP3.com and other underground hip-hop sites, the two begin to gain recognition from surrounding hoods, cities, and states. Native of North Carolina, Razah S. constantly delivers you an advanced lyrical exhibition. Recording his debut solo albums “Rhymes of The Essence” and “Portrait of The Sickest” penned and produced before the age of 16, showed his development as a street general and musical icon.

Razah’s creative rhyme schemes, and production skills provide a unique refreshing sound for The Carolinaz music movement.


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