SuspectA native of Newark, NJ, the business minded $U$PE?T is not what you call a rapper, more like “reporter of the streets.” Writing scripts of real-time events that he has survived and others have fallen victim to is the driving force in his music. Having family ties in known community organizations shynes through his lyrics, providing the streets with that street motivation they been waiting for.









After being shot in the winter of 2005, $U$PE?T became more focused on his life and future, while keeping the same company.  After some talks with close friends, $U$PECT begin to take his writing a little more serious, featuring on mixtapes, commercials, and videos. He often appeared alongside other artist bringing his strong street cred to the frontline.


Respected by his colleagues, $U$PE?T  continues to  impress his peers with break thru hood anthems like “Doors off the Hindges” and “Wat it Do” produced by Dialek.

He continues to go in on every project he works on showing his hunger in Los Paris’s  “All That” produced by Blind Ent.

As he continues to rise, grind and shine, $U$PE?T delivers you a raw report of the everyday encounters of a General of a street army. Working on his debut solo album while feeding fam, he continuously impresses ever the once non believers as he delivers one of the most anticipated albums since Thug Motivation 101. Not only does he continue to give you that cook up, he also assists his teammates with straight drop working on DreamFly and UTG projects set to drop later 2011. Having set his mark, he begins to take off through the streets, clubs, web, and tv screen. Keep a look out for America’ Most Wanted $U$PE?T!!!


Shout to the whole 120 block, Tweet Gang, DreamFly Ent., Lavish Ent., Diplo MoneyGang, Go Hard Ent., LMF, UTG and all other affiliates who I aint mention.” -$U$PE?T

Check $U$PE?T out on your favorite sites!!!





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