Whild Pha

Whild Phia

Whild Phia

Born to the infamous streets of Newark, NJ, Phia eventually picked up the mic at the age of 14 and begin providing flame for the group.   This intricate lyricists provides an arsenal of flows “off the top” that cant be matched with a pen. His energetic rhyme patterns and comical punchlines provide a breathe of fresh air to a hungry hip-hop fan base.


After relocating to Durham, NC in the 5th grade, Phia expressed himself through his love for music. As an avid vocalist, heavy influence from his colleagues eventually led to the birth of a intricate wordsmith with a Big Pun meets Biggie Smalls lyrical capability. As an original member of the 1999 established rap group the Four Flames, Phia begin contributing with memorable punchlines and unique concepts, developing himself as a lyrical mastermind.

After run-ins with the law put fire away for majority of 2010, Phia has return back to business providing underground thought provoking classic verses. Providing impressive verses on the UnTamed Chronicles Vol.I and working on his new album has begin to solidify the buzz that’s been beginning for this experienced poet.





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